Techkriti solution offer
everything you need to have a successful online presence.
Increase traffic, Attract new customer.
We aim at crafting websites to provide an optimal viewing
experience across a wide range of internet devices.
Techkriti solution offer
everything you need to have a successful online presence.
Increase traffic, Attract new customer.
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Website Designing

Techkriti Solution is a Delhi located Website Design and Development Company.  It provides best and affordable website design and development services to you with a guarantee of customized website design. We have best web designing team website designing, we provides you proficient looks for your business. Our Company is specialized in all types of web design and development. We have the well experienced and expertise team in all parts of website development and design. These services will improve your website and increase your business also. A well designed website created by our expert team represent your brand and your product in online marketing and a well design website always attract the consumer.  Techkriti’s Web Designing has a well-defined approach towards web designing application and our designers are highly proficient in developing efficient custom solution for companies across diverse business domains, irrespective of their size. Techkriti offers custom web solutions for companies that want cutting edge applications for streamlining business processes and improving profitability.


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Web Based Applications

Techkriti Group is an established company in Delhi, provides  Web Based Applications service. This includes web designing, PHP Website Development , web content development and e-commerce development. Web development usually accredits to the main non-design appearances of building websites. Web development can ambit from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most conglomerate web-based internet services. Web Development is one of the advanced ways to advertise and publicize about the company and the product. We continue to be committed in our mission and purpose to be "Behind Your Business" - to support and nurture our clients in the growth of their deliver practical and relevant solutions for today’s demanding web and mobile marketplace. Our Web Based Applications, content management systems, ecommerce and other customized web applications, mainly with PHP. The Techkriti Group provides web application development, PHP/MySQL Development services to meet the needs of any company. We can deliver our services in famous platform; this includes PHP web application development. In fact, we can provide internet application development to meet any custom requirements. Web application development is a phrase that covers a wide range of services and involves a custom approach towards development. We are looking for improved qualities that can only be satisfied with custom design and development of web applications.

PHP/MySQL Development

It is a best and affordable PHP Development Company in India, provides you a guarantee of customized website design by using all types website development services like PHP/MySQL Development and php website development etc.  We have best web designing team website designing, we provides you proficient looks for your business.The PHP team of Techkriti knows very well as to how to harness the power of web using the best  techniques and methods. They know the apt way to use the wide range of resources and state-of-the-art infrastructure to create the applications which takes the business houses to unimaginable heights. The PHP team of Techkriti is aware of fine on the way to harness the ability of PHP/MySQL Development net exploitation the simplest and state-of-the-art infrastructure to form the applications that takes comes by following a comprehensive education and active development program. Whether you want for your specific setting and your team’s PHP expertise level. The program is meant and delivered by Techkriti skilled Services consultants covering the essential methodologies that your team has to begin developing and deploying PHP-based Applications. This is good approach utilizes Techkriti's best practices to attain fast build and overall active PHP capability in your information and Include adept Microsoft package Testers. We get to be a partner think about ourselves the best catalysts for modification that may create real transformational edges to your site worldwide. Techkriti answer specializes in PHP as a result of it's a reliable and quick artificial language designed that is improved daily by a really giant team of quickly and with efficiency develops your PHP net application.

Payment Gateway Integration

Does your Payment entrance way supports eighty and well-liked E-Commerce pushcart software’s. If No! Scan on. We are able to create plug-in specific to the E-Commerce pushcart computer code. Your on-line product will attract the shoppers simply however the productive completion of procurement depends on varied different services provided by you which of them embody the payment mode. Secure cash transactions over the net are that the lookout of all the shoppers to make sure the protection of their valuable cash. Your e-commerce web site is complete solely by group action a reliable payment gateway to method the MasterCard, e-checks, and different payment modes. Providing the correct payment mode choice is extremely essential for the success of associate degree e-commerce business. All the web stores are additional productive only they'll supply additional range of payment gateways for the users to decide on. We create your looking carts and sites friendly and reliable to the general public by providing over 40+ Payment Gateway Integration services satisfying the wants of each customers and repair suppliers. Our consultants have Brobdingnagian expertise in guiding you to decide on the correct payment gateway to integrate into all of your applications, business websites, e-commerce web site, looking carts etc. Since the users submit sensitive info on the location like their checking MasterCard range. For cash transfer, the payment gateway firmly encrypts the info. We have a tendency to create your Payment Gateway Integration straightforward and safe reassuring your customers to be with you to relish your combination of a payment gateway to receive period of time payments from the shoppers with receipt of the payment generated.

Search Engine Optimization
Techkriti, a Web Marketing Company, provides you the professional SEO services. It includes keyword research and analysis, link building, directory submissions and article marketing. We keep in mind the ever growing SEO needs and consistently work on it to maintain the position of industry leaders.
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Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing Ninjas is an SEO services company that has the best SEO services and everything else you need to succeed online, all in one place. We provide you with a comprehensive collection of tools and professional SEO services to elevate your website to unprecedented success in all areas of Internet marketing. Find out more about any of our Internet marketing services and how our SEO services company can produce results that can make your business stronger and more profitable. With Internet Marketing Ninjas, you can be sure that you are always employing the best SEO services. Online marketing services are crucial for your company's success. Qualified marketing companies offer expertise on SEO, link building and online revenue optimization. These services can help your company improve its search ranking on Google and ultimately its bottom line. Your company's website is the world's door to your business. It should be easy to find with a simple search on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Internet marketing companies can help maximize your site's design and usefulness while instilling SEO practices into the site to boost the number of unique visitors and overall traffic. Outspoken Media was founded with an unrelenting desire to provide clients with the most complete SEO services around. Our techniques are customized to a client’s needs to help them achieve higher rankings in the search engines and achieve more targeted traffic. Thanks to the team’s diverse backgrounds, Outspoken Media is able to provide clients with consulting, reporting, training and more Internet marketing services on a wide range of topics. We believe that a diverse marketing strategy, one that takes into consideration all the different areas of Internet marketing, is what will offer the best return to our clients.
Web Based Applications
Web Advertisements
Online Ads offer search advertisers some way to simply extend their reach to potential customers United Nations agency square measure browsing websites. Content Ads square measure text ads displayed and across our network of partner sites. Online Ads analyses the content of a web site and matches relevant, keyword-targeted ads to show on the page. The result: relevant ads presented the correct users. When you submit ads through on-line Ads. You’ll be able to choose whether or not to possess your ads distributed on search pages, content pages, or both. It’s straightforward to line up content distribution for entire campaigns or individual ad teams. See our facilitate topic to be told a lot of. There’s a standard theme among the young founders of social internet corporations that haven’t nonetheless created cash once it involves advertising: they require it to be lovely. They require it to inspire folks. And that they don’t wish it to desire advertising. Internet users overpoweringly get pleasure from free website supported toward their interests than random ads, per a survey discharged on by the Digital Advertising free on-line content may be an undertaking, it is vital to drive home those points as a committee hosts a hearing on voluntary do-not-track efforts next week. Nearly sixty nine % of respondents to the survey aforementioned free content like news, weather and email is "extremely important" to the worth of the net. Over seventy five % aforementioned they'd like ad-supported free content on the net to paying for ad-free content. They'd like better to purchase content.
Web Hosting

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Domain Name Registration
Domains area unit what we tend to do! you merely will not beat our domain costs. With the most cost effective United Kingdom bulk Domain Registration why would you decide on anyone else? As well as Domains, we offer you with complete management. DNS, Email and internet Hosting. You'll be able to transfer domains in to simply and cash in of our superb vary of services, as well as the most effective support within the trade. If you would like to register some internet Hosting or web site Builder and you have got everything you would like to create your own website! Agreed, that there are a unit several selections offered for web site Domain Registration. The question you would like to raise is – “Do they supply any worth be a NO. If you decide on U.S. as a website register you may get several worth well be a tough proposition however this can create it lots easier. If you're longing for reasonable Domain registration you're at the seek out our cash to shop for name Republic of India. It extremely isn’t you'll be able to flick through our offers and that we area unit positive that you just are pleasantly shocked. Internet name Registration was ne'er this. By showcasing your merchandise and services on the web you may reach a replacement section of the society you ne'er thought site, obtain best domain registration firms that area unit providing you services for web site hosting and domain Registration at lower prices. Register name could be a good company that gives the most effective quality Domain Registration at reasonable costs. Every name you register comes with Free Domain/URL Forwarding, Free Domain thievery Protection, Free DNS Management, Free 24x7x365 phone & internet support and Free Domain Privacy Protection. This is a free service that instantly checks name availableness. If the name your area unit longing for is taken, you'll be able to click WHOIS to seek out UN agency registered it, or click Visit to registrar from the list on the proper. In the left column, we tend to show names that you just can purchase from their homeowners. Buy Domains, UN agency can assist you exit. In some cases, there's no worth listed and you may have to be compelled to create a proposal on the name. Within the right column, we tend to attempt to recommend different domain names supported your search. This works by guesswork that words area unit in your search, then employing a wordbook to go looking for any connected words.

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