Google Plus Marketing Strategy – A Comprehensive Guide for Generating Business Leads

Google Plus Marketing is a leading and giant social media platform introduced and operated by Google.This social networking platform is used by global and local businesses consistently for multiple reasons, it has more than 2.2 billion active users and 62% of them login into their accounts on a daily basis.

Google plus continues its journey as one of the leading social media platform with a plethora of benefits including page creation, promotion, connect to the global & local audience with potential and secure online sharing.

Techkriti – Leading Marketing Agency

Looking for a marketing agency in India? Techkriti is a company that is currently serving a diverse range of business and markets to achieve desired results through Google Plus Marketing service in India. Whether you’re a giant company or a small company with the local audience, our marketing services can outpace your multifarious aspects of business using niche techniques that we cater to everyone who wants to leverage their business with Google Plus marketing stratgey.

 What you Can Expects

With our specialization in Google Plus marketing, we can deliver diversified benefits that are as follows –

  • Unique and niche performance
  • Brand safety and promotion
  • The best-in-class account management with an extensive marketing strategy
  • Direct access to in-depth reporting
  • Comprehensive display strategies with reach to new audience and high-value traffic

Our Google Plus Marketing Strategies Includes

  • Creating an uniquely optimized Google account & business page
  • Niche content for advertisement
  • Hosting offer based contests
  • Google Plus promoted posts
  • Sponsored stories with global reach
  • Open graph &google exchange

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